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Literacy Express

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Academic Coaching & Tutoring in Reading, Writing, and Math, for

preschool through high school students!

Building a love for learning since 2002!

Deb Storey/ 925-639-READ(7323)

4145 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Suite 204, Danville, CA 94506


Thank you to our wonderful families, for the opportunity to work with your children!

At Literacy Express...

3, 4 and 5 year olds enjoy building a strong academic foundation, with fun and engaging sessions, and continue to build confidence and skill through high school!

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My son has been under the care of Literacy Express for the past 6 years, and my daughter since pre-k., once I saw the movement with my son academically. The tutors are phenomenal and connect with all ages and have a good understanding of how children learn differently. The facility is well connected with the schools and the pace/ lessons per semester. As an example if one of my kids is behind in an area that I can’t articulate well (math). I include my tutor via email with the teacher and then a direct communication happens. Literacy Express has built confidence in my children.   I will always be so ever grateful.  Summer tutoring is just as important to get them prepared for the next grade.  That has been key to our success. 


"My son has been taking weekly sessions at Literacy Express for several months. I'm amazed at how much he has gained in such a short period of time. His tutor excels at packing in an efficient, effective, customized lesson plan for him that is also fun and engaging. He has become a more confident reader/writer and has taken a genuine interest in these

. He looks forward to his class with Mrs. Jones every week!" 

We have been so pleased with Deb and her team of highly dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and caring educators. My daughter has been going to Literacy Express for nearly two years and the skills she learns in her tutoring sessions parlay into the classroom, giving her the extra confidence she needs to succeed at school. As a parent, I felt a giant weight lifted off of my shoulders  once we started Literacy Express. I felt unequipped to help my daughter and I knew after her first session that I had done the right thing. And the best part? My daughter comes out of every session with a giant smile telling me how much fun she had! Now that’s a win win!

- Laurie 


I have to share...Emmy has been in 2 other tutor programs over the years…and today when I told her she is going again tomorrow to LE to make up for next week she literally JUMPED for joy and said "Really? YEAH!’  I don’t know what Mrs. G has done - but it melts my heart that she (and her brother) absolutely LOVE coming to Literacy Express.  If you ever need a testimonial Emmy is your girl!!

  • Emi

"Literacy Express has been a vital part of my son's kindergarten year. Mrs .Storey has helped him become a more confident student. The way Mrs. Storey connects with her students and teaches the material perfectly compliments what they learn at school. My son had math anxiety before working with Mrs. Storey and now he enjoys math because she makes learning it fun. He has progressed with reading and writing because of the one-on-one attention he gets during his sessions with Mrs. Storey. She works with children of all ages and abilities, and is passionate about her work.  I am grateful for all the time and effort Mrs. Storey and her team at Literacy Express have devoted to my son, and highly recommend her to all of my friends."

 - Lisa

Literacy Express has been the cornerstone to our three children's reading and writing abilities since they were little ones.  The pre-k program set the foundation for their learning early on.  Our children begin their school days with familiarity to all reading and writing concepts.  As a result, our children learn curriculum in a stress free environment.  We have seen confidence in our children as they continue to read and write. Confidence within a child at this early stage is such a wonderful gift.  We are grateful that Literacy Express has provided such a fun and challenging learning environment for our children.  They go over and beyond in ensuring our children reach their literacy goals.


Literacy Express was founded by Deb Storey, who wanted to create an amazing atmosphere for learning, a place where she would feel confident having her own children come to as well.  She is proud of the Literacy Express team, comprised of credentialed, degreed, experienced, caring, and passionate teachers. 

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Home: Testimonial


I also want you to know how pleased we have been with the online tutoring classes this summer (and at the end of the school year). They have been truly  excellent. My kids have really thrived.

I listened to their private school interviews and was really impressed at their math skills.  I contribute their success to your teachers and how they have pushed both of them this year. Both Melanie and Danny have really enjoyed their math and language arts sessions and learned so much.  I would be happy to be a reference if you ever need one.  You have an excellent program and we are just to happy we found you!  

- Emily

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For more information, please contact:

Literacy Express

Deb Storey

925-639-READ (7323)

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